Equipment Loan Program


DCIST has a variety of tools and equipment available FREE to the public with deposit.  Equipment is intended for individuals and groups to aid in the removal of invasive species on properties throughout Door County. Please see the steps below on how you or your group can obtain the use of the tools and equipment that our Equipment Loan Program has to offer. 

What’s available?

  • Industrial Spray Bottles
  • 21” Bow Saw
  • 13” Pruning Saw
  • 30” Heavy Duty Loppers
  • Hand Pruner
  • 6” Outdoor Scissors
  • 36” Bow Saw
  • ½  gal. Hand-held Sprayer
  • Cruiser Mate Clipboard
  • Adjustable Loppers
  • Garden Rake
  • Sideswipe Pro with Shield
  • Parsnip Predator Shovels
  • Spray Boom Kit – 2 nozzle
  • 21” Pruning Saw, RazorTooth
  • Long Blade Hedge Shears
  • 2-way radio/GPS unit – Garmin Rino
  • Backpack Sprayer – 4 gallons
  • Backpack Flame Torch – 100,000 BTU

Safety Equipment

  • Hard Safety Glasses
  • Chemical Safety Goggles
  • Emergency Eyewash Bottles
  • First Aid Kit

How to get the equipment?

 1. Get training

·  DCIST  920-746-5955

·  Attend a work party

 2. Fill out this this form


3. Send request form and check to:

Door County Soil and Water Conservation Department

421 Nebraska St.

Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235

Please Record Your Volunteer Hours

If you use the equipment loan program or attend a volunteer training, please provide us with your volunteer time.  Your time provides matching hours required for DCIST to remain successful at receiving grant funding. There are just a few simple requirements for your time to be eligible.

Your time is eligible if:

  • Control work was performed on invasive species (e.g. Iivasive plants or animals) including herbicide application, pulling, cutting, clean up, etc.
  • Work was performed on private and/or public lands in Door County (including your own property).

 If your time is eligible, recording these hours will help DCIST maintain grant funding!

Please, submit your hours by following these steps:

1.  Download* and print the Volunteer Log Form

2.  Fill out the form (no limit on number of forms submitted, more the better!)

3.  Send or drop off the form at:

Soil and Water Conservation Department

421 Nebraska Ave.

Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235

*Forms can also be obtained from the Soil and Water Conservation Department

DCIST seeks to motivate and educate people in Door County about invasive species. If we have motivated you to control invasive species, please take the time to fill out and submit this form. If you have any questions regarding your time, please contact DCIST at  (920)-746-2214.