The Importance of Cleaning Your Boat

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) are aquatic non-native plants,

animals, or pathogens that may cause environmental or economic harm. 

To help halt the spread of aquatic invasive species Wisconsin law requires boaters prior launching and prior to leaving the launch to inspect equipment, remove all plants and animals, drain water from equipment, and never move plants or live animals from a water-body.   

To help Door County water enthusiast halt the spread of AIS DCIST has installed four boat cleaning stations at the most popular boat launches. 

For more information about Wisconsin AIS laws please visit:

Below are the two model types and more information on how to use them.


CD3 Model

 George K. Pinney Park and Robert Carmody Park each have a CD3 boat cleaning station located as you leave the boat launch. These units  include a high-pressure air gun, a powerful wet/dry vacuum, and various hand tools. For more information on how to clean off your equipment using this station please visit 


Simplified Model

 The simplified cleaning stations are installed at the Chaudoir Park and Murphy Park boat launches. The simplified stations have a sprayer with diluted bleach solution and various hand tools to help remove debris.